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Credit: American Swedish Historical MuseumIn 1638, the Swedes (under Peter Minuit) established Fort Christina (named for Sweden child queen https://www.jerseyshopn.ru/, Kristina Augusta Wasa). This fort (near the site of modern day Wilmington, Delaware) was built despite British protests. The Dutch based justification for the settlement on a from the Lenape (a business maneuver Minuit had […]

USAA and the NFL encourage military appreciation by way of the

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Especially for a person who does not follow football as

Play is an important contributor to human development, maturation and learning. That is why games are an essential ingredient in the curriculum of every school and college and also a popular pastime for adults. However, today’s busy lifestyle and living in matchboxes leave neither time nor room for outdoor games. This book review is part […]

For better or worse, a significant percentage of men tend to

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They additionally re-signed Chauncey Billups to a long-term

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